SOUTH FIELD, Mich., Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Equature, a leading provider of 9-1-1 solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with the Nortex Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) to continue enhancing 9-1-1 systems across a nine-county region in northern Texas. Equature has partnered with the NRPC since 2018 to ensure dependable, innovative 9-1-1 technology for the region’s emergency response capabilities.

The NRPC oversees 9-1-1 services and operations across eight Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) that serve approximately 78,000 residents. By renewing with Equature for a second term, the NRPC aims to maintain reliable call/radio recording and instant recall for immediate situational awareness.

“Being able to directly reach out to Equature for any problem-solving needs and get their timely assistance has been invaluable,” said Tim Bryant, NRPC’s Director of 911 Emergency Services. “I know that whatever the issue, Equature will find a solution that benefits all parties.”

The NRPC appreciates Equature’s ability to customize their platform, enabling the implementation of call center technologies tailored to the specific needs of their region. Equature also provides support critical for keeping these emergency systems running efficiently.

“We’re thrilled to continue as Nortex Regional Planning Commission’s 9-1-1 solutions partner, enabling them to best serve all their communities,” said Joe Mosed. “As an emergency response technology leader, Equature strives to give PSAPs like Nortex the capabilities and reliability residents expect when dialing 9-1-1.”

By leveraging Equature’s innovative solutions for another five years, the NRPC ensures continuous access to their critical information when needed and manage it appropriately. Keeping the public safe is the top priority.

Tiffany Chan

SOURCE Equature