Providing situational awareness to all facets of public safety.

Real-time Location

Real-time location data from the caller's smartphone. Accuracy within 20 feet.

Live Video

Stream live video from the caller's smartphone. Blur video by default or on-demand.

Live Audio

Stream 9-1-1 calls live from within the cruisers.

How does Connect work?


  • Real-time location data from the caller’s smartphone.
  • Accuracy within 20 feet
  • Map and satellite view
  • Zoom in/out functionality


  • Live stream video from the caller’s device
  • Blur video by default
  • Capability to record interactions
  • Works with any smartphone
  • Easily share streams with first responders in the field
  • Stream from multiple devices at once


  • Stream audio directly from the caller’s device
  • Listen to 9-1-1 calls live from within the cruisers
  • Automatically transcribe audio alongside the call

Why Are Video Calls So Much Better than Audio?


Did you know these PSAP stats?

  • 240 million 911 calls are placed each year.
  • 70-80% of 911 calls are placed via cell phone and location information from carriers varies wildly.
  • The chances of 911 dispatch getting a quick fix location ranges from 10-95%.
  • Every year in the United States, 10,120 lives are lost due to inadequate location accuracy in field response.
  • The average U.S. 911 response time takes 10-15 minutes to reach a person in need.
  • Of 6,100+ PSAPS nationwide, only little more than 21% can accurately interpret a caller’s location.
  • The FCC has mandated that by 2021 carriers must improve location accuracy within 50 meters for 80% of cellular 911 calls.
  • That’s still only 4 out of 5!!