Technical Capabilities & Architecture

Get an overview of our platform’s technical capabilities and architecture by module.

Equature Public Safety Suite Technical Specifications:

The Equature Public Safety Suite is a platform for enterprise level media and data capture for in-depth transactional analysis. Equature supports Microsoft .NET, Azure, and large-scale applications leveraging MS-SQL. The architecture provides for deployment on premise, in the AZURE CJIS conformant CLOUD, or a hybrid approach. This flexibility allows client specific tailoring of Equature to their specifications.

Equature Server Recording Engine:

TDM Recording: Analog, Digital, VoIP, PRI/T1 NG9-1-1 Recording Engine: Active/Passive SIP, SIPREC Recording VOIP recording for most major telephony platforms:
  • Avtec Scout
  • Motorola Astro 25 with MCC Dispatch Consoles
  • Bosch/Telex IP-223 & IP-224
  • Zetron Max
  • Avaya AES CTI support
  • Cisco, Avaya, Shortel, Mitel, Siemens, and more P25 Based Radio RoIP recording Motorola Solutions

NG9-1-1 Media recording & Event logging via the ESInet for 911 PSAP systems:

  • Intrado/West VIPER 9-1-1
  • Zetron Max Call Taking
  • Motorola – VESTA Solutions IP & Legacy
  • Motorola – Emergency Call Works
  • Comtech – Solacom Guardian 9-1-1
  • Comtech – MicroDATA
  • Emergitech IP9-1-1 & more

Dispatch Improvement Modules:

Dispatch Improvement is a fundamental closed loop to enhance QA/QI for telecommunicators. Equature sets the standard for public safety quality improvement.

Equature’s Performance Suite Platform includes 5 modules:

  • Equature QA/QI Module: Allows supervisors to score calls based on best practices. It is known for simplicity in setup and use. The module comes preconfigured with the APCO QA/QI standard forms. We also configure client forms on installation. No programming is required to add forms.
  • Equature Datafeed Module: Provides integration to 3rd party CAD and RMS systems to enhance search and scenario reconstruction. This adds search fields for incident number, incident type, and more.
  • Equature Screen Capture: Records the call-takers’ computer screens, associating them with the audio feed and additional call data. This allows supervisors to see exactly what was happening on the computer during 911 calls. The screen recording plays like a movie and is in sync with the 911 recording.
  • Equature 100% Content Search: This module creates an index that allows users to search for words in phrases contained within the recordings. Leveraging this power allows supervisors to score relevant calls and drive improvement and team-member engagement.
  • Equature LMS and courses: This module contains over 180 hours of dispatch specific training. Training and learning can be leveraged for continuing education credits and to drive improvement.

Equature InSight:

Revolutionize 911 Response & Field Responder Safety

Equature InSight is a revolutionary service architecture designed to bring advanced caller location and live video to the dispatch center. InSight resides in the Microsoft AZURE cloud. The service allows for telecommunicators to send a link to the caller’s phone, with their permission, and share their location and video, selectively streaming their situation back to the communication center to provide call managers and first responders valuable lifesaving on-scene information. For over 50 years, 911 has been audio only, which is only 45% of the total communication. Equature is changing the game with InSight.
  • Leverage advanced location
  • Provide eyes on the scene BEFORE help arrives
  • Eliminates he said/she said with live video. Eliminate situational uncertainties
  • Browser based – no apps to install in dispatch or on callers’ phones
  • NG9-1-1 and FirstNet compatible
  • Smart Setup
  • Secure CJIS Cloud Service
  • One and done. Dispatch or caller cannot access after the session ends – one-time use link

Body Worn Cameras:

Equature BWC leverages the power of Smartphones. The architecture provides for live streaming video, automated upload, and advanced GPS for field responder location. The solution provides for onsite, CLOUD, or a hybrid for implementation.

  • Android software application
  • AZURE CJIS cloud conformant
  • Leverage NG9-1-1 & FirstNet networks
  • Automated upload of recorded video
  • Live streaming video
  • Multiple camera & phone options for departmental use
  • One button start/stop
  • Running detection
  • Voice commands


Revolutionize Public Safety, Security & Surveillance

Equature.AI is a framework designed to revolutionize public safety, security, and surveillance. The modules provide automated redaction, weapons detection, and facial recognition.


  • Cloud based GPU processing for fast recognition
  • Edge device processing for existing security systems
  • Deep neural networks for training new object types
  • Plug-in architecture for additional detection and alerting

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