Make your media workflow faster and more efficient
by automating transcription and video redactions.

A Revolutionary Approach

Introducing Equature Studio – The Ultimate Solution for Audio and Video Redaction and Transcription.

In today’s world, audio and video recordings are essential for many businesses, organizations and government agencies. However, these recordings often contain sensitive and confidential information that must be protected.

This is where Equature Studio comes in, with its state-of-the-art automated audio and video redaction and transcription capabilities.

Equature Studio provides real-time, automated redaction & transcription of both audio and video to help you remain in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

Key Benefits of using Equature Studio

Equature Studio integrates audio, video and other education records with the first artificial intelligence-powered redaction & transcription engine.

With it’s versatile capabilities and user-friendly features, Equature Studio can be used in a variety of industries and applications, including law enforcement, legal, education, media and entertainment, and more.

Automate your redaction process and save time while enjoying a customizable and flexible solution tailored to your specific needs.

Enhanced Security, helping you protect sensitive information with A.I. powered redaction and obfuscation.

Manually edit videos to redact specific objects or remove necessary redactions.

Automate the process to save staff time and agency money, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Notate and manage video easily within the application.

Export redacted videos and/or transcriptions for simple and fast sharing.

Why Choose Equature Studio?

Tracking with Certainty

Equature Studio tracks objects of the user’s choosing throughout the video and continues to redact without the need for manual intervention.

Intuitive Interface 

Equature Studio recognizes individual heads and tracks them for redaction. Should a user’s head be recognized as a different individual, Equature Studio provides a combining feature to help it recognize a single users.

Accurate Transcription 

Equature Studio provides a built-in transcription engine to automate transcription of all media uploaded to the platform. Users can quickly edit transcriptions if need be and export them for reporting.

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