About Us.

International Leader in Public Safety

When tragedy strikes, our first responders, military, and security officers run
toward it while everyone else runs away.

We exist to provide real-time tools and interaction to help these
deserving men and women respond faster and stay safe.

About Us

Founded by Victor Mosed in 1972, Equature, formerly known as DSS Corp, is the leading provider of audio and video recording and analytics software, including 911 dispatch recorders and body cameras. We focus exclusively on public safety because we understand that excellent public safety is the foundation for safe neighborhoods, better education, and job growth. 

For over 35 years, we’ve been providing cutting-edge technology solutions that increase operational efficiencies, accelerate first responder communication, and improve citizen satisfaction and security.

Our Clients

From our Southfield, Michigan headquarters, we proudly serve over 2,000 public safety customers and 1,500 private organizations, including police departments and PSAPs, the U.S. Border Protection, NSA, NASA, Homeland Security, and more.

We also work with over 3,500 worldwide customers, including government operations in Japan, Canada, Italy, and Mexico, helping them accelerate security capabilities and emergency preparedness.


All our solutions link to public safety command and control, dispatch management, and law enforcement leadership on a local, regional, and international basis as needed to create an integrated IOT collaboration platform that allows you to see, hear, and manage events as they develop.



Integrating multiple providers can introduce inefficiencies in delivery of seamless services. That’s why we manufacture, sell, install, train, support, and update inhouse. We are 100% responsible. Through our Equature Direct Advantage program, you make only one call for all your system inquiries, and we will always be here when you need us.


“We focus exclusively on public safety because we understand that great public safety drives everything, including safe neighborhoods, better education, and job growth.

This is the only market we serve.”

~Joe Mosed

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