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Equature is an American company and a national leader in providing innovative technology to public safety that increases operational efficiencies, accelerate communication, and improve citizen satisfaction and security.

We believe that public safety drives everything. From better education to safer neighborhoods and job growth. That is why we focus exclusively on public safety.

Our advanced suite of products is designed to increase the flow of communication from the first call for service to responders arriving on scene

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For over 35 years Equature, a leading partner-provider of audio and video recording and analytics software including 911 dispatch recorders and body cameras, has been enhancing public safety because we understand that great public safety drives everything— safe neighborhoods, education, and job growth.

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Summer Time Wellness

Summer Time Wellness

Summer is my favorite season.  I love waking each morning to the orange hazy sun peeking over the horizon and the birds singing their summer songs.  I enjoy the heat of each day, when the sun turns to a brilliant yellow, warming your (sunscreen-covered) skin, and...

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Understanding and Coping with Secondhand Trauma

Understanding and Coping with Secondhand Trauma

Secondhand trauma, also known as secondary trauma or vicarious trauma, occurs when individuals are indirectly exposed to the traumatic experiences of others. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent among professionals such as therapists, emergency dispatchers, and...

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PSAP Mutual Aid – How Technology Can Help

PSAP Mutual Aid – How Technology Can Help

Disasters can take many forms, both man-made and natural occurrences.  Weather-related disasters such as hurricanes can be predicted but not deterred. The earliest recorded devastation wrought by a hurricane occurred in 1935 courtesy of the Labor Day category 5...

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