Designed to engage public safety personnel with relevant topics, guests, and more.

Southfield, MI: Equature recently launched Viewpoints, a podcast dedicated to public safety. Viewpoints offers a new way for public safety personnel to learn and benefit from others within the industry. This podcast brings people from all over the United States together to share their diverse experiences and unique “Viewpoints”. Join Zach Vogel as he discusses various topics such as wellness, leadership, technology, and the ever-changing industry with public safety professionals around the country. Each episode will feature a different guest and topic to energize industry leaders and inspire young and seasoned professionals to develop their careers and agency for greatness!

“I’ve learned some of the most valuable information listening to various podcasts over the years. “says Joe Mosed, President & CEO at Equature. “We wanted to create something where someone from California could hear how someone from Massachusetts was successful at doing something that ultimately benefitted the community they serve. Viewpoints provides that platform.”

Viewpoints is available to listen to on Apple, Google, Spotify, and YouTube. For more information, visit>

About Equature: Equature, an American company, designs and manufactures public safety software platforms that include logging recording, redaction & transcription, online public safety training, and video management. An ongoing concern since 1972, Equature has become a leader in bringing technological advancements to public safety. Equature continues to maintain and improve the software to provide public safety with the tools to operate efficiently.

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