It’s the lull of the afternoon. Time to take a quick break, grab some food, and re-group after the crazy morning. You answer the phone and find yourself in the middle of a situation with hostages. Are you ready to become a hostage negotiator?

Do you know…How to ask open-ended questions?
Practice with your peers, family, or the store clerk! You might be surprised at what you learn. How to ask open-ended questions?

What emotional labeling is?
As the name suggests, it is the act of identifying and putting a label on emotion. When you label someone’s emotions, you’re acknowledging their emotional state and making them feel safe for them to feel that way. Find out why this is important in negotiations.

Critical Lessons

  • How important are the words and tone you use when talking to a volatile suspect in a hostage situation? Are they equally important, or does one carry more weight than the other?
  • Do you know what the number one rule is when negotiating according to the FBI? It might surprise you. It’s not what you see on TV!
  • A name, specifically your name, will go further in negotiations than providing the cold identification of an employee number.
  • Are questioning skills and the way they are asked a skill you need to develop a deeper understanding of? Is there a difference between the questions you ask of a typical911 caller and those you ask of a subject holding people hostage?

The Future of Training
As the cost of maintaining professional standards continues to rise, the importance of maintenance cannot be overstated. Sending staff out of the PSAP environment for training has benefits, but the rising cost of gas, per diem, and backfilling for staffing shortages has created a dilemma for PSAP leaders. Equature wants to partner with the PSAP to provide the training needed for personnel while not overlooking the ever-rising expense of training.