When seconds count, every bit of information can help save lives. That’s why Equature Connect is so important for 911 dispatch call centers. Equature Connect is a real-time location and video streaming platform that allows 911 dispatchers to see what’s happening at an emergency scene, even before first responders arrive.

Equature Connect works by using the caller’s smartphone to stream live video and location data to the 911 dispatch call center. This allows dispatchers to see exactly where the caller is located and what’s happening around them. They can also see the caller’s facial expressions and body language, which can provide valuable clues about the situation.

In addition to live video, Equature Connect also allows dispatchers to send text messages and images to the caller. This can be helpful for providing instructions to the caller or for getting more information about the situation.

Equature Connect is a powerful tool that can help 911 dispatchers save lives. By providing real-time visual information, Equature Connect can help dispatchers make better decisions and send the right resources to the scene.

Here are some of the benefits of using Equature Connect:

• Faster response times: Equature Connect can help dispatchers pinpoint the location of a caller more quickly and accurately, which can lead to faster response times.
• Improved situational awareness: Equature Connect can help dispatchers get a better understanding of the situation, which can help them make better decisions.
• Increased safety: Equature Connect can help keep callers and first responders safe by providing them with more information about the situation.
• Enhanced communication: Equature Connect can help improve communication between callers, dispatchers, and first responders.

If you are a 911 dispatch call center, you should consider using Equature Connect. It is a valuable tool that can help you save lives.

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