April & May, the time of year we enjoy all things spring; new growth, warmer weather, the sweet scent of flowers blooming, and honoring the first responders in the field of public safety – beginning in April with the 9-1-1 Telecommunications Employees.  We want to take this time to sincerely thank you for the work you do.  We recognize that the career you have chosen can be difficult, stressful, and rewarding.  We are in awe of the job you do each day.  We continue to work to find ways to promote you, support you, and discover ways that we can help you complete your tasks with less stress.  We also understand that technology is changing so fast within your career that sometimes it may be a struggle just to stay informed and we sincerely hope that we have been and will continue to be, able to reduce the struggle and confusion as we move forward in 2022.  You have worked through the latest pandemic, with the changes in procedures that occurred for you daily and you have emerged the victor!  You may feel a little beat-up right now with shortages and hiring challenges, but we are still here for you, ready to assist you in any way we can.

May is a time of abundant new growth and new beginnings.  At Equature, we also pause to remember the heroes behind the badge.  There are many different theories on the history of the badge, worn proudly by law enforcement personnel. We know it to be a symbol and a promise by the wearer to uphold the best interest of the community, a sign of pride, honor, respect and a symbol for safety.  We applaud you for the safety you provide each and every day.  We recognize the toll that you are under as you face the unknown challenges while you serve. We are always working to create tools to better serve you and take that one extra item off your plate.  We know that the virus that swept through the world caused a 55% increase in line-of-duty deaths in 2021 and a 65% increase in 2020. Yet you are still standing as a symbol of safety and protection for all.  We support you and we stand with you, ready to assist in whatever way we can.

EMS, your week was authorized in 1974 by President Ford, historically we celebrated you and the career you have chosen in September, but this year you also get to be in May; springtime – the time of new growth.  Facing invisible threats when you respond to calls of illness, frustration when a patient is lost, and extreme satisfaction when your efforts are rewarded with a life, either saved or new.  We are here beside you developing tools to support you, and cheering you on as you continue to strive for excellence. As a professional, you each continue to face daily challenges, and return for your next shift to do it again.  We are here to uphold you, and be advocates for you, in any way we can.

9-1-1, Law, EMS – We recognize that there are staffing shortages, and applicant shortages, such as public safety has never seen.  We are proud to continually create tools to assist and support your daily tasks.  Public Safety is a foundation of our country and you are each heroes in the careers you have chosen, each and every one of you.  We are proud to be part of your world.

Your Equature Team