As a public safety software company, Equature understands that U.S. Government enforcement agencies and intelligence community partners are tasked with a broad range of security, safety, health, criminal investigative and emergency preparedness management responsibilities to implement governing law and provide security both domestically and internationally to our citizens.

When agents or officers are dispatched during their normal course of responsibilities or emergency events, it is critical that they maintain an interactive engagement with operating command and control organizations to communicate key information needed to make quick decisions that meet agency objectives.

Equature’s Interactive Patrol body-worn cameras operate on Android smartphones and provide live streaming video and audio connectivity from agents in the field to their operational command and control team, field supervisors, or any authorized leadership resulting in increased data collection, enhanced decision making, improved safety and better investigative/crime scene management success.

Interactive Patrol integrates with NG9-1-1 dispatch recording software to provide real-time data intelligence collection so that agents and their command centers are able to see and hear emergency calls as they happen. Interactive Patrol is Band 14 ready and can work locally, regionally and nationally at the same time in the FirstNet framework.

Equature’s evidence management platform allows police agencies to store, tag, manage, transfer, redact, track, retrieve, quickly search, deliver and share critical data by authorized staff members.

As specialists in public safety software and interactive response, Equature works with over 1,500 police departments and PSAPs.

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