As a public safety software company, Equature understands that first responders often respond to dangerous or lifesaving situations and evolving events that require immediate response from emergency management. First responders face challenges that range from reacting to single scene tragedies to managing large-scale catastrophes over expanding geographic areas. The continuing thread needed for success in the field is their ability to assess and respond to each occurrence as it happens.

Being a professional and successful first responder today means managing medical, legal and ethical issues all at the same time often using combat care principals while trying to increase patient satisfaction and safety in a hostile environment. Additionally, because of increasing medical skill sets required for EMTs to perform hemorrhage control, stroke triage and opiate crisis management, it’s important for EMS organizations to increase their transparent visibility to help manage their outcomes.

Equature’s Interactive Fire/EMT body-worn cameras operate on Android smartphones and provide live streaming video and audio connectivity from firefighters and emergency medical technicians in the field to the command and control dispatch center, other first responders on the scene, or any authorized first responder leadership resulting in increased data collection, enhanced decision making and improved first responder safety.

Through real-time data intelligence collection, officers and their command centers are able to see and hear emergency calls as they happen.

As specialists in public safety software and interactive response, Equature works with over 1,500 PSAPs and first responder organizations nationwide.

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