Interactive Policing™ Body-Worn Cameras
As a public safety software company, Equature understands that today’s police force is empowered to enforce the law, limit civil disobedience and protect citizens and their personal property.

Implementing these policing activities requires law enforcement officers and their command and control to maintain a constant awareness of their operating environment while staying safe. In addition, there are manpower and asset resources needed to manage events as they occur within their public sector service area of responsibility. Innovative software can make a profound impact on the safety of law enforcement and citizens.

Equature’s Interactive Policing body-worn cameras operate on Android smartphones and provide live streaming video and audio connectivity from LE in the field to an officer’s command and control dispatch center, the patrol supervisor, or any authorized law enforcement leadership resulting in increased data collection, enhanced decision making and improved first responder safety.

Through real-time data intelligence collection, officers and their command centers are able to see and hear emergency calls as they happen.

Equature’s evidence management platform allows police agencies to store, tag, manage, transfer, redact, track, retrieve, quickly search, deliver and share critical data by authorized staff members.

Using a hybrid model for evidence storage, Equature offers police departments options for evidence management stored in the cloud or on-site (at your premises).

As specialists in public safety software and interactive response, Equature works with over 1,500 police departments and PSAPs, as well as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, NSA and Homeland Security.

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