As a public safety software company, Equature understands that combatants in the field are faced with ever increasing challenges and hostilities in varying landscapes.

Working in small-unit, mobile military operations, their mission success is frequently dependent on the communication capabilities with command and control.

To maximize mission success, American combatants need real-time multi-sensory communications where combatants increase situational awareness shared among team members and their joint operations command to help facilitate appropriate deployment of available assets and drive mission objectives.

As a leading provider of first responder command and control software, Equature developed Interactive Combatant for the military. Equature’s Interactive Combatant body-worn cameras operate on Android smartphones and providelive streaming video and audio connectivity from military team members on the ground to other troops and command and control leadership in real time as events happen resulting in increased data collection, enhanced decision making and improved troop safety.

Using our open platform architecture, command and control leadership can connect multiple devices simultaneously allowing configuration flexibility based on the organization’s communication goals and emergency response requirements.

Our Interactive Combatant system is designed to help mobile units, both infantry and mechanized, complete their assigned missions while improving troop situational awareness and assessing their changing operational environment and their safety.

Interactive Combatant supplies real-time battlefield information to all participants to maximize mission success.

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