Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Public Safety

  • Automated detection – head, facial, pedestrian, weapons, masks, and more
  • Live detection – detect objects in real time for proactive alerting
  • Live redaction – blur faces in real time for privacy
  • Automated redaction – blur faces in video reducing manual efforts by 8X
  • Re-identification – automatically find a person of interest in many videos
  • Speech recognition – search, transcription, & automated video triggering

Public Safety Benefits of Equature.AI

  • Save 800% on redaction time for FOIA requests
  • Provide proactive alerts with our weapons detection architecture
  • Find a person of interest in all videos with re-identification
  • Provide live facial-blurring for surveillance privacy
  • Search for phrases said in audio and video recordings
  • Automatically start body cameras with voice commands

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