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Equature uses a team member engagement model. Our team approach creates outstanding service for our customers and is one of the contributing reasons why we have over 1,500 PSAPs as customers.

At Equature, we focus on a one-to-one customer engagement model, not a one-to-many.

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In response to public safety organizational support needs, we have created the Equature Direct Advantage program. The Equature Direct Advantage model is a framework specifically designed for our first responder customers. We recognize when multiple companies are involved with your purchase, the more difficult it is for you to realize a satisfactory result.

Equature manufactures, sells, installs, trains, supports and updates your entire system. We are 100% responsible. Through the Equature Direct Advantage program, you only have to make one call for all of your system needs… and we are here when you need us.

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